Angels Official Zurich Pride Party

2011-06-18 23:00:00 Started : 2837 day(s) 2011-06-19 06:00:00 Started : 2837 day(s)

Maag EventHall, Zürich, Hardstrasse 219, Switzerland

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Angels presents the Official Zurich Pride Party
Angels brings Freemasons and Inaya Day to the Official Zurich Pride Party on 18th June in the Maag EventHall.

On 18th June Angels raises the bar with the premier of the Official Zurich Pride Party! For the first time in years, the organizers of White and Black Party leave their comfortable cloud and bring new ideas and a brand new party concept to Maag EventHall.
The big location gives an infinite number of possibilities for an inspiring concept. With the motto “Wild and Wet,” this party will literally be a wild party spectacle where no six-pack will stay dry.
Adding to the adventure will be the star DJ duo from England, Freemasons. They have been recognized around the world for years as the top re-mixers and continuously have hits in the charts. Their biggest success is “Uninvited” (originally by Alanis Morisette) with vocals by Bailey Tzukes, which became a worldwide smash hit.
House Diva Inaya Day brings power to the main stage.  With international hits like “Horny” and “Nasty Girl,” Inaya has inspired the masses.
The multi-media light and video show and the fantastic music and singing will heat up the sexy boys and girls on the dance floor.  But don’t worry! They will be cooled by the wild water special effects.



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