Club Bizarre at Futuro

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Bar Neukölln - Café Capitan Futuro, Berlin, Pannierstraße 12, 12047 , Germany


As you let a 90s tune control your body, you feel that special heat of the night and it’s such a good feeling. It’s where you wanna be. 

You get lost into the words, they raise important issues: love, peace and harmony, being right on time on a saturday night or having no limits as the music’s got you spinning around and around. And around. It also has the key (and the secret) to pump up your jam as you watch people opening windows, leaving their houses, just for a short walk, because, no matter how much you hate to love it, it’s going to be a fine night tonight. 

And it will make you crazy, children! If you wished upon a star, here’s the place: Club Bizarre!



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