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, Mammoth Lakes, CA, The Village, United States

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Elevation 2012, is our tenth annual Mammoth Gay Ski Week! Yikes! I remember our first year, when we tested the waters by sending out a few emails to friends and we had more than 300 people show up. Since then, we've grown each and every year. And now we have more than 2,500 riders and skiiers coming to the High Sierras for Mammoth Lake's favorite event of the year.

People ask me why Elevation is so successful. For a few reasons. Elevation offers an alternative to the gay party scene. Yes, we have huge dance parties with the nationally known DJs. but this weekend is about more than just those parties. We hold Elevation in one of the most beautiful settings in the country. When you come to Elevation, you experience some of the best spring skiing in the world, at a world-class resort where the unbelievably long season lasts well into spring and even summer, with one of the highest average snowfalls in the country.

"Not only are the lifts still running in July, but the area's lofty elevation (11,053 feet) ensures winter quality snow into late spring." SKI Magazine

But more importantly, it's the people. Elevation draws an amazing group of friendly, gregarious, unpretentious guys and girls who are here to have fun, ski and board, and meet new friends.

Yes, people travel from all over the country and even internationally, to attend Elevation. But you get a friendly, casual core group of West Coast guys that create a welcoming, non-pretentious atmosphere. I guarantee you'll leave this event with new friends and great memories, or I'll give you your money back.

When you come to Elevation, you also get more options than just big dance parties. Our signature apres-ski events are more social, "bar-oriented" events, where you can meet (and buy drinks for) friendly guys from all over the country. Fresh off the slopes, margarita in hand, flushed and tan from a sunny day of amazing snowboarding - those are some of our favorite moments.

"...a great weekend of fun, friends, good folk and AWESOME spring skiing!"
Charlie P. from Los Angeles

"just wanted to say a big, no..a HUGE thank you for such a great time this past weekend. it was the best snowboarding weekend thus far. it really sucked driving home yesterday afternoon and having to face the reality of the work week..."
Ross from Los Angeles

Elevation is also about sharing our celebration with the town of Mammoth Lakes. Each year, the town has welcomed us wholeheartedly. The mayor and city council write us a welcome letter each year. Merchants can't wait to put out their signs of support in their shop windows. Locals talk about how we have the best parties of the year, and how much they look forward to them. We've even heard cops at a local coffeehouse talking about how we have more people and fewer problems at our events than they've ever seen.

Despite our growth, our core mission is the same. "2000 riders. 7 major parties. 0 attitude."

Though the majority of Elevation attendees are guys, there are always a great contingent of girls at our events. A good number of locals also come out and join us at the events. This is an inclusive event where we want anyone and everyone to feel welcome and have a great time..

This is a weekend about serious fun, new and old friends, and a community coming together. So, in the spirit of Elevation, a tip for the weekend: Be friendly. Introduce yourself. This is the kind of weekend where everyone loses the attitude. No judgement, no pretension, no waiting around to see if he talks to you first. The guy you meet one night will be the friend you rip down Cornice with the next day.



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