Guerrilla Dyke Bar--March Takeover

2016-03-04 21:00:00 Started : 1110 day(s) 2016-03-05 01:30:00 Started : 1110 day(s)

Blondie's Bar, San Francisco, 540 Valencia St, San Francisco 94110, United States

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Valencia and 16th used to crawl with dykes all weekend, every weekend. Don't sit around feeling wistful about it--Let's Make It Happen AGAIN!! Once a month, Guerrilla Dyke Bar takes over an unsuspecting San Francisco bar and turns it gay for the day! This month we're taking over BLONDIE'S!! You dykes ask for this bar *all the time*, so now, IT'S HAPPENING!! Last month and the month before that, our takeovers spilled out into TWO BARS. Will it happen again on MARCH 4th? Come out to find out!! Put this event on your calendar NOW and invite all your friends! Can't wait to see you all!!



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