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Stauffacherstrasse,60, Zürrich , Switzerland

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Once upon a time, a prince named Angelo, lived in a castle in a land not too far away by a
big, big lake. He was a happy, but a lonely prince. Oh, he had great looks, body and riches
untold. But he was all alone listening to his fairyPod dancing in the empty halls of his grand
To share his love of magic, music and good times, he decided to give a party for all the gays
and friends of this lovely land. And who knows, maybe he would meet his prince charming
for the "Happily Ever After"…
28 January 2012 - Volkshaus Zurich
We are proud to welcome DJ/producer Micky Friedmann at the turntables. His club
performance list looks like a trip around the world: Splash and Alegria in NYC, Hustlaball
London, Scandal Ibiza, Circuit Barcelona, La Demence Brussels, Celebrities Vancouver, GMF
Berlin… and finally Zurich!
Is Micky Friedmann hot? You bet. Both the man and his music. With his promise for music
that is intelligent, people go home with an experience, something new in their heads. You
will love the sexy sound of Micky Friedmann.
The Upper Floor will again host our local legends: The duo Wollana and Rolly nearly
crashed the dance floor in 2011 and people screamed for more! So here you go again. The
DJ duo from Lollipop is all yours again!
Buy your ticket on ticketino starting today! For more information about pre-sale locations
and party program visit
See you all in 2012 for your “happily ever after….” at KITSCH PARTY!
Outlook 2012
Angels is always on the move with new party ideas. So we want to give you a short preview
for 2012. The new highlight in the party calendar is clearly the new NEON PARTY at Street
Parade Weekend.
WHITE PARTY – 5 May 2012 – Volkshaus Zurich
FOLIES AU LAC – July 2012 – Badi Tiefenbrunnen
NEON PARTY (Street Parade) – 11 August 2012 – Volkshaus Zurich
BLACK PARTY – 3 November 2012 – Volkshaus Zurich
We wish you all a happy new year! See you in 2012!





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