Purim Carnival

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At the beginning of March every year, a strange sight is seen on the streets of Tel Aviv: Cinderellas and Ninja Turtles walk embraced down Rothschild Blvd, and two cowboys straight out of Brokeback Mountain can be seen dancing the night away. No, you're not hallucinating - you've just stumbled upon the world's greatest masquerade.
Purim is a Jewish holiday similar to Halloween. Naturally, it's the gayest holiday in Judaism and the GLBT community loves it. In our weekend Purim carnival, you're invited to costume parties of all kinds - men, women, and mixed. There will be after parties and street parties, and mostly, lots of fun and the freedom to be whoever you always dreamt of being. So put on your masks and come party! 2012 Purim Carnival will take place on 8th - 12th March.



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