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★ Berlin Meschugge: THE PURIM PARTY! ★

  • 28.02.2015 23:55 (il y a 1267 jours ) - 01.03.2015 07:00 (il y a 1267 jours )
  • Sophienclub :
  • Sophienstraße 6 - Berlin,
  • Berlin,
  • Allemagne

Meschugge, The Unkosher Jewish Night

Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. We commanded to drink and be merry, and to celebrate our freedom with costumes parties. 

"What’s a Jew in Berlin to do? First and foremost, one has to go to Meschugge – Berlin’s decidedly unkosher Jewish night. Even for the uninitiated, the best promises to be the best!" (ExBerliner Magazin)

Special Purim - Miss Mazy Mazeltov & The Boys with the masks host the Jewishest party in the world. or something like that.

★ Omg! It’s Purim! ★ CUSTOM CONTEST ★ Hamantaschen ★ Rattles ★ Masks ★ One year free entry for the best custom ★ LIVE SHOW

אוי, אלוהיי! זה פורים! תחרות תחפושות, אוזני המן, רעשנים, סביבונים, שרה נתניהו, מסכות, הופעה חיה, המנצח זוכה בשנה כניסה חינם

ליצן קטן שלי, אולי תרקוד איתי? 
-לא ארקוד!

Esther's DJ team:
██ Blastik Haifa (BACK!)
██ Aviv Without The Tel

★ Miss Mazy Mazeltov:

Saturday 28.02.15 // 23:20 //
Tonight at at Sophienclub. Sophienstraße 6
Berlin, Germany. (U8 Weinmeisterstraße)

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