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Beef Dip Mexico

  • 29.01.2012 00:00 (il y a 2394 jours ) - 29.01.2012 00:00 (il y a 2394 jours )
  • Leather and Bear Tours Inc. 135 Isabella St., Suite 304 ON M4Y 1P4:
  • 135 Isabella St., Suite 304 ON M4Y 1P4,
  • Puerto Vallarta v,
  • Mexico

This years event will take place from January 29th - February 5th 2012 in sunny Puerto Vallarta.

We have planed exciting events for the week and have worked close with our travel partners to arrange for affordable air and hotel fares.

As always we reccomend that you book early and that all Dog Tags are purchased in advance!

Please use the tabs above for detailed information.

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