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Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise

  • 24.07.2012 16:30 (il y a 2216 jours ) - 31.07.2012 08:00 (il y a 2210 jours )

Explore the best of the Baltic in style in 2012. You’ll sail the stunning Eurodam from Copenhagen to Stockholm visiting Berlin, Tallin, and Helsinki in seven magical days. There's even a full two-day stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. Stunningly beautiful cities, welcoming cultures, and endless magical nights create the perfect summer adventure.

Chart a new course with Atlantis next summer as we sail to northern Europe’s most alluring cities onboard the spectacular Eurodam. And there’s no better way to see more of the Baltic then by sea. Atlantis’ custom all-gay cruise shows you the best in just seven days, all in unsurpassed comfort and style.

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