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  • 30.10.2011 23:00 (il y a 2486 jours ) - 31.10.2011 06:00 (il y a 2486 jours )
  • MAD:
  • Rue de Genève 23,
  • Lausanne,
  • Suisse

Adriano présente Fab from Das Hutwerk (La Ruche / Lausanne)

Let us introduce you to the new Lausanne-based Dj duo, Thibault & Fab. It was in 2007 when Thibault Brevet and Fabien Gehrig were first introduced to each other through mutual friends. Very soon after they decided to play music together as Thibault & Fab and later in 2009 formed Das Hutwerk.

Their different approaches to the planet of techno are a genuine source of inspiration for both of them. “We both inspire each other in different areas”, the duo explains. Thibault being more into Tech-House and Fab more Techno, to create a powerful mixture of electronic music.

Despite their monthly party at La Ruche (Lausanne) they already played in many clubs in Berlin and around Germany such as Berghain Kantine, Arena Club, Levee, Studio 672, Kantine Augsburg.

Das Hutwerk

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