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The Power of Love' A Valentine's Day Power Ballad Special.

  • 14.02.2015 20:00 (il y a 1317 jours ) - 15.02.2015 00:00 (il y a 1317 jours )
  • Retro Bar:
  • 2 George Court - Londres,
  • London,
  • Royaume-Uni

If, like me, you haven't yet got a date for Valentines Day then how's this for an invitation? Come and join me and my misery as I play...

'The Power of Love'

No! Not the Frankie Goes to Hollywood or Jennifer Rush song (though both applicable) This is a night dedicated to the best, and worst, of the power ballad. Where we will all sing-a-long together clutching our beers with hands in the air actions to match the dramatic tunes. .

Expect to hear: 
Journey/Queen/ Bonnie Tyler/Whitesnake/Heart/ Starship/Pat Benatar/ Cyndi Lauper/ T'PAU/Bon Jovi/Celine/Marillion/Extreme/Phil Collins/Tina Turner/Cher
and so on.

Post your favourite power ballad in the event and see if it makes 

I am so excited for this. Who needs a man when you have a gig on Valentines Day!!!

Oh and it's FREE ENTRY!

P.S You can bring dates really, just don't throw it anyone's faces. Unless you kiss me.

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